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    5 days, 18 hours ago

    Walking back from where I fell after an unsuccessful look for my lost wedding ring. 🙁

    • not as luck y as i was then! lost a ring that Franscesca had made me, visited the 2 shops and finally back to Attingham Park where I’d been shooting all morning…..decided to do my route in reverse thinking I would concentrate on where I knew I had changed lens etc. Went to the final plce 1st where I’d packed the kit away and there under the bench was the ring! Don’t give up and visit after some (more) rain which might have washed some of th mud away.

    • oh dear. Keep retracing your steps, fingers crossed it turns up.

    • Seek out a local detectorist … I have a cheap detector that you can borrow if you want I bought it when I did a similar thing working in the pond … cold water, fingers shrunk ring fell off during the morning did find it eventually … it now gets stowed away before any outdoor activity 😳

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