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  • I actually went out with the camera today, to a local site called Sheepcote Valley. And I photographed… sheep!

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  • Beautiful warm sunny day in Brighton. What to do? Some gardening with a watching fox? Watch the annual Naked Bike Ride through Brighton? No. Paint our kitchen ceiling. I’m now a knackered blob of sweat!

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  • Hi Mary, the servers won’t let me reply in the Tech forum (odd, as I can reply to other posts there) but on your question I think the marquee tool will always show marching ants. It only changes to a solid border after you’ve used ctl/cmd T to get the transform box. Make sure you extend the canvas on your new layer copy BEFORE you use the marquee…Read More

  • Getting very excited to see red kites flying over our garden. Two days in a row now (and today there was a group of three) so it looks as though they might finally have extended their territory to this part of Sussex. Still way too high for anything decent photographically, but I live in hope.

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  • In between decorating I’ve started clearing out my archive of old photos which are stored on multiple external drives. So far I’ve deleted over a terabyte of images and I’m only up to 2012! I’m being fairly brutal but occasionally come across an unprocessed image that I like. Today’s find was this collared dove in flight over a local pond. I…Read More

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