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  • Evening all. Nice day up here, in between the showers. Temperatures are plummeting here now though, not quite as forecast, so I predict a frost…

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  • Morning all, and back to rain on the windows – still saves me having to water the newly sown wild flower patch.

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  • Evening all. Had a a nice day on the cold and windy Whitley Bay. Didn’t stop junior playing sandcastles whilst we had a hot drink. Weather was though good for the few hardy surfers and made for some dramatic seascapes 🌊

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  • Morning all from halfway home – we are in Whitley Bay for the next few days. Forecast looks ‘atmospheric’ …🌧 But I’m sure we’ll find plenty to do and the weather won’t keep junior off the beach 🏖

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  • Evening all. Another busy day seeing friends before we had back north on Monday

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