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  • Afternoon all. A nice sunny day here with a peaceful weekend in the offing – I think…🤔

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  • Morning all. Nice sunny start to the day albeit windy again.

  • Evening all. Trip down to the big smoke all booked up – for a work meeting a week before I leave. Still it’s all expensed and I’m staying in a central London hotel for 2 nights 🍻 .

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  • Afternoon all. A grey day here so looks like time to do some more photo processing.
    Still need help though with getting images from DPP to PS (see qn in tech)

    • Sorry can’t help you (or Victoria) as I don’t use a Mac. My only suggestions would be the usual ‘uninstall/reinstall’ options and checking you have the latest versions of both pieces of software.

  • Morning all. Another sunny day here so moth trip to check, walk to do and an afternoon BBQ, but first another cuppa ☕️

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