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    11 months, 1 week ago

    Found this sad little sight at Dawlish Warren. It wasn’t there when we walked the path half an hour before. I’ve reported it to the appropriate authorities – seems likely to be yet another victim of bird flu; we’ve already lost 10 of our Dawlish black swans 🙁

      • Update – I’ve just had a ‘phone conversation with a chap from DEFRA who is going round collecting all the bodies for testing – so I now have to meet him in the car park sometime after 4.30 when it will be dark, and find a small corpse which might not still be there, in very damp woodland – wish me luck!

    • i had a Cormorant behaving weirdly and sent a video to a specialist bird vet who replied Bird Flu at the moment was very common in them!

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