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    7 months, 3 weeks ago
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    • interesting shot, can you tell us about it?

      • It was a few years ago at Hellenthal a folconry in Germany near the nurburgring race track. But it wasn`t at the site of the falconry where backgroud is normally spoiled but at the hill nearby in a castle ruin. the faconers came with a transporter and had 6 bilds, a white tailed eagle, a cordelliere eagle a falcon an another whitehead seaeagle – except the falcon which was in a box, the eagles travelled sitting on the backs of the seats in a ford transit. Anyway, they poled the birds an took one after the other for shooting portraits and then in flight from the castle top to the lower walls and so on. it was a very nice experience with about 6 other photographes. Friendly as they are the falconeers did even free the birds of their leather leashes on their feet, so the fotos did lok very natural. Unfortunately I still hat the Sony Alpha 55 wich had not the fastest AF and had huge blackout in the EVF – meanwhile this problem is soved within the E-Mount System I use righ now.