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    1 year, 6 months ago

    This was my FM entry, I’ve tweaked it a bit, as per Jon’s comment about the whites not being quite bright enough. I’m a bit restricted on viewpoints, shooting through the kitchen window, but I’m looking at how I can try from a lower viewpoint in the conservatory. I will have to use a bag hide and be very careful, though, as the light shines partly into the conservatory, so the fox will be able to see me there. A single 10W LED security light is the only light source, at present.

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    • That looks better Tom. Well done on catch lights in both the eyes as well. How about rigging a pole with a sliding bracket to attach a LED lamp to on the other end of the house. You can then play with the light at various heights to get different lighting angles.

    • Tom, you should be fine if you are quiet and don’t move around much. Foxes have relatively poor eyesight and are mainly reliant on detecting movement or noise.

    • That looks good, Tom. That little lift increases the intensity. Nice one!

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