October fun with fungi

  1. Congratulations, it worked 🙂 Amazing detail – must get my macro lens out…

    • These are all with the Olympus 60mm (except the elf cup which is with my compact Tough TG6). Same lens as you bought I believe

  2. Really nice images CB and good to see the blogs are working

  3. Well done CB. Only other thing you need to do is categorise it. I’ll show how to do this on my help video.

    • I tried AJ, but it didn’t seem to save. Not sure if the key words saved either
      Can you also recommend file sizes for the images. This blog took forever to save last night, probably because the images are too large.
      Also worth a reminder that we can’t edit blogs any more once published so it’s worth getting the words absolutely correct, spell checking etc in another editor first

      • It is working as I tried it last night and categorised my test ones and I notice Paul B has managed to do it this morning too. File size, anything around 2Mb is plenty big enough or around 1000pixels wide for a landscape orientation and 500px wide for a vertical.

      • Chris, you can edit after publication. Go to your profile and select ‘Blog’. You get the option to edit from there.

      • Thanks Paul. I found it – eventually! Made a small edit and also categorised it as a Members Blog. Hope it’s worked this time

  4. Super blog and shots CB

  5. Excellent shots, CB. The last ones must be long-stemmed fungi 😎

  6. Super blog. I really see any fungi, must learn where/how to look astray are clearly around. Yes please to part 2

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