October fun with fungi

Just a quick test to see if I can create a blog, but it might as well include some real content.

October is normally the month when I try to drag myself out of bed at stupid o’clock to visit Richmond Park or Windsor Great Park at least three or four times to try to photograph the deer rut, but not this year. Not just because of Covid and my total laziness, but also because I managed to steal away for two whole weeks of totally legit holiday starting with a workshop week at Aigas Field Centre in Scotland. And one of the photography workshop leaders was macro specialist Alex Hyde, who some of you will remember as he spoke at a FB conference a few years ago.

So naturally, being October, the month to search out mushrooms and other fungi, we found lots. And my macro lens got quite a lot of use, plus lots of playing around with focus stacking.

Here are a few of our finds

A Scarlet waxcap mushroom

And this is a detail from the underside of a Fly Agaric that I focus stacked in camera, only noticing the two items of wildlife when I got the image onto the laptop.