One for the Wall

At home we have one print of Chris racing, and it’s not a photo I took. At the time I liked it – he’s heading down Paddock Hill at Brands Hatch and it’s quite wet so the spray from the tyres adds to the overall story, but it’s too tight in the frame. So I have been working on getting something I’d be happy to put in its place.

This weekend was an opportunity to get a racing shot with a difference, as Angelsey circuit has a very unique feature for a track. It’s very scenic as its right on top of a cliff next to the sea. Not sure any of these will make it onto the wall but maybe!

Race 1 – On the green flag lap
Race 1 – last of the late brakers, taking 2nd place
Race 1 – part way through the Corkscrew
Race 1 – got a bit lonely after spining out of 2nd place, behind by 2 seconds.  Did break away well from the car in 4th, so being a bit cautious keeping an eye on the lack of oil pressure and making sure of keeping the points
Race 2 – Scenery – runnnig in a very safe 2nd place after making a good start. Made a bit of a mistake which meant 1st got away and opened a gap of 2.5 seconds
Race 2 – taking the wide line
When you can’t resist “The Arty Shot”

Well that’s the weekend in pictures, 2 more trophies on the shelf but a drop from joint 1st in the championship to 2nd – 8 points off 1st.  We definitely need a win, otherwise we’ll be bringing home the end of season trophy nobody really wants…..Highest Placed Non-Race Winner… has spent time with several times over the years!

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  1. A good selection of shots there Jayne. Are they public events again yet, or still “pit crew only)?

    • thanks, the great unwashed (present company excepted) are now allowed to buy tickets pretty much everywhere, even in Wales! However, at Cadwell on 30/7 weekend they had closed off all the grandstands – ruined my plan of sitting at top of the mountain doing panning of the airborne cars 🙁 Some circuits might be restricting paddock access to those with competition tickets but this wasn’t the case at either Cadwell or Anglesey

  2. Never been to that circuit – great backdrop. Very different.

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