Options for Eye Spy

Had a couple of subjects in mind for this one, here’s an option that didn’t make the sort list.

This is a Silver Studded Blue female that hopped onto my hand as I was taking a shot with the 30mm macro of some other butterflies on the heather.  Luckily it hopped onto my left hand so I could still take photos!

I was out in the garden with the macro to see what was about and came across this little guy who was struggling to climb up the grasses to reach the yellow flowers to feed.  It kept falling back down.  So I used the stronger stems from the yellow flower to help him along.

He tucked in straight away, completely ignoring me and my little macro lens.

After a while he even managed to hop onto another flower and get covered in pollen.

Chose this one as I liked the oofyness produced by the BW conversion.

An enjoyable afternoon in the garden with my tiny macro and a small part of the insect world.

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  1. Lovely selection there. I love the second one as it’s such an unusual perspective. Bees are so grateful when you help them out like that!

    • Thanks, tried to show how hard it was for him to climb, clearly didn’t have the energy to fly!

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