It’s been a long time since I’ve taken any wildlife photos, partly because of current world events, partly because I’m too impatient to go out and take them.  Having not been out of the house with a camera for several months however I jumped at the chance when I saw a FB workshop meaning I didn’t have to sit all day and wait for something to turn up, I just had to drive for 2 hours – each way.  It was a good day though and rather than bore you with more words I’ll show you some piccies, cos that’s why you are really here.

Those of you there on the day may recall I was rather happy with some of the birds in flight photos I took.   And they were good.  So where are they?  Let’s just say I don’t always practice what I preach and I might tell you about it once I’m less angry with myself.  

All in all though it was a good day and a good chance to catch up with fellow Buzzers and meet some new people too..  Thanks to Andrew and Jon for organising the day, and thank you to the guys at Bird on the Hand for their help.

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  1. Beautiful images 🙂

  2. A cracking set there Shaun … and I feel you pain!

  3. Well dine Shaun and I love the Burrowing Owl running.

  4. Fabulous selection. I love the way these workshops always have different birds and settings for them – so the reflection is stunning. Yes, and I love the running burrowing. Well done

  5. What a great day. And fab photos

  6. Nice work – intrigued as to what happened on the BiF stuff though!

    • Turned the camera off and on too quickly because I couldn’t get focus on the burrow owls, and then ignored a message on the screen and pressed okay without really reading it – one formatted card. What I should have done was turn it straight off and swap cards, but in my haste I carried on and only after a couple of minutes realised I’d just wiped all of the BIF photos. I thought, okay, you’ve got the second card in there, only realised when I’d got home that I’d not set that up properly – new camera. I tried the various recovery programs, but all was lost. Lesson: next time you have some really good photos, swap cards and put them somewhere safe to save them from ‘lack of thinking’

  7. Oh bugger! Excuse to come again in the future though! 🤣

  8. Lovely set, and – it seems – a hard lesson learned!

  9. Lovely shots Shaun, enjoy your return visit this month 😜

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