Photoshop: Add evocative lightrays to images

The presence of sunbeams streaming through a window gives an immediate high-impact feel to a picture, but it’s rare to find it naturally occuring, writes Jon Adams. You can create the effect for real with a smoke machine and a powerful lightsource positioned in the right place, but there’s a much easier way in Photoshop. In this video, Jon shows you how it’s done using custom-made lightray brushes and a handful of layers…

To download the custom-made brushes file that makes it all possible, click here.

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  1. That’s really helpful, Jon. Thanks… and for the brushes download. Perfect!

  2. Hi Jon, it is amazing what can be done in PS and sun rays are great escoecially when you shoot some and they do not show up too well in camera. Thanks for the tip.

  3. Thanks Jon, Brilliant and thanks for the brushes!! need to try out now!!

  4. thanks Jon, very interesting – will be beaming everywhere 😉

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