Photoshop: Add watermarks and logos to your pics

Discover how to make a custom logo from a hand-written signature and apply it to any image with with one click, writes Jon Adams. If you’re sharing your photographs online or posting your latest artistic endeavours for approval on social media, you’ll know that a watermark is a good idea to make sure people know who took it! The standard “© Joe Bloggs 2019” stamp is a regular addition to the work of many photographers, but it’s becoming increasingly popular to give a businesslike feel with a handwritten name incorporated into a logo. You can fork out hard cash to get online companies to create these for you, but in this video, Jon shows you how easy it is to make your own. All you need is Photoshop, and once you’ve watched this through, you’ll be able to create a signature logo in just a few minutes. Techniques are shown that allow you to blend real handwriting with Photoshop’s Type tool, and you’ll find out how to change fonts and adjust all the settings in the quickest possible way.

Even better, you’ll also see how to turn your completed logo into a custom brush, so you can make it any size or colour, save it to your Brush Presets, and apply it with one click! An extra section at the end of the video also shows you how to add a professional drop shadow to your logo, to help it stand out on contrasty areas of a shot.

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