Photoshop: Get a wider lens

Discover how to turn any lens into a ultra wide-angle when you’re travelling light, writes Jon Adams. When the light’s not good, most of us won’t specifically go out to take photos, but we’ll usually take a camera with us, just in case an opportunity presents itself. In these situations, it makes sense to travel light, and that might mean taking just one lens. It might be a prime or a zoom, but regardless of the style, the short end will always be limited by it’s widest focal length. Or will it? With a little thought and technical savvy, you can ‘slice up’ a desired shot into a multi-picture sequence, then stitch it back together as a panorama. In this video, I’ll explain how to capture your RAW files, then how to load them into Adobe Camera Raw, merge them together into a new RAW file, and finesse your results.

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