Hi, I am 57 married to Julia and we have two great kids 26 and 23. I am an accountant/software implementation consultant for my sins but love photography when I find the time but this often is only when we go on holiday! I do shoot professionally and in particular I am involved with an annual festival which involves attending most shows and getting a handful of great shots in the can for their publicity. My real passion is wildlife and we have been lucky enough to have visited Africa on safari a number of times. This always amazes us and we enjoy the animals enormously. Other photographic interests include Formula 1 and occasional concerts. I love my Canon gear which includes the 1DxMk2, the great 200-400. I have though also added a Sony A9 and A7R3 to my kit bag. What great cameras.

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Fun in the Kruger National Park and Sabi Sands - South Africa - Part 4


Well here is the last of my four part blog of a two week trip to North East South Africa. A final selection of images from the trip. 

Wild Cat

A wild cat in a termite mound. A very lucky spot as I drove by!!

Sibling love

Hyena love. Butter wouldn't melt. Perhaps it would :)

Hmm now where did I leave that

Baboons can be dangerous but this one seemed to be trying remember something.

You looking at me?


Resting Giraffe

It's unusual to see a Giraffe sat down like this as they are so vulnerable. If you ever see one drinking, it takes forever to prepare as they spread their front legs to be able to reach down.

Eye Contact

Wild dog eye contact. 

Buzz Bird

This eagle was being buzzed by a concerned bird trying to protect its nest. This went on for several minutes.

Sun set

Well that's it. I hope you enjoyed the four blogs of my safari in South Africa. It is truly a wonderful place to see Africa's wildlife with the Big 5 in evidence throughout. If you can, I would strongly recommend a visit at least once in your lifetime.



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