East Sussex Shorties

By 526 | 05-01-2017

Short-Eared Owls

Just over 3 years ago when i got my first DSLR i was told by a fellow photographer about the owls that over winter just a 20 minute drive from my house, Generally arriving in November and staying until early March these birds now signify for me the start and end of winter and are always exciting to see! last year the Owls seemed to always be a long way off and i didn't get the chance to photograph them, this year on two of the 3 times i have visited the area i have been treated to great views and some fantastic opportunities to photograph them.

Look Up!

Luckily i was aware that there were two Owls in the field, i had lost one in the sun that was now getting low to the right of this shot and was watching the second owl through the lens hunting in the distance when i thought i'd look up to see if i could spot the second, to my joy he was heading straight at me and wasn't to far away and he kept coming!

Sunset Owls

With fields and marshes with a backdrop of the South Downs, a golden sunset and a Short-eared owl you couldn't ask for a more beautiful scene! i think this was the last shot i took on the day before the sun just dipped behind the hills.

With the sun setting there was a gorgeous golden light, i just love it when they look straight at you!

Always great to see a successful hunt, unless you're a water vole of course.

Every time i watch Owls i can guarantee there is a Kestrel close by waiting to pounce! on this occasion both birds lost out as the vole being dropped was not recovered by either as they were too busy squabbling!

Here again on another occasion the Shortie is being hassled for his dinner!


Luckily for me the local Owls are fairly tolerant of people, there are working farms all around and lots of cyclists and walkers in the area, i generally use some camo netting around my tripod legs or over me just to help disguise my shape a little, might just give me the edge over others in the area photographing without.

My Home

Final shot and something i think will look great blown up nice and big, a back lit Owl hunting in its environment, let me know if you think it works in the comments :)

thanks for reading



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