Not a wedding photographer

By 526 | 18-04-2016

Not a wedding photographer

If you are into photography and people like your photos no matter what they are of then i think its only a matter of time before you get asked if you will shoot a wedding,

A couple of months ago a good friend of mine asked me this very question (i have sort of shot a wedding before but it was a small family only affair where the pics were just for the Bride and Groom as they had a bigger ceremony abroad planned) i said i would and the bride obviously knew it wasn't my normal thing and just told me to think of them as wildlife haha, they were very relaxed about it which helped my decision, 

So the day came round very fast, and i think i was more nervous than they were! The thing with wedding photography is the pressure! if I'm out taking pictures of wildlife or shooting landscapes and i miss the shot or screw something up its only me I've let down and i can try again tomorrow, not with this, there was one chance and one chance only!!!! 

I attended the wedding rehearsal the day before which was a massive help, chance to check out the venue and work out where to be and when, but this is also when my nerves kicked up a notch, would i be able to get into all the spots i wanted at the right time all without getting in the way etc,

The brides arrival

The brides arrival is one shot i wanted to get and with overcast weather and on/off rain i thought this would work well, i got the driver to drop the window to avoid any reflections and you can see the happiness and excitement in her face 

The first glance

After the shot above i quickly got into the church as i wanted to capture the look on the grooms face the first time he saw the bride in her dress!

During the ceremony when there were hymns or readings i tried to move about discreetly to capture some of the guests, here is one of my favourites, the young flower girl and the bridesmaids.

    After the ceremony the bridal party took a walk from the church to the reception which was along the seafront.

Gone with the wind

During the reception i managed to steal the Bride and Groom away for a few minuets, the reception was on Eastbourne pier and with changeable conditions we times it just right to get some cool shots, the brides veil was caught in the breeze and i love the way it is here and almost mimics the arching of her back

Who's next???

A classic tradition and very pleased with my timing here.

So thats that, a great fun, challenging and slightly stressful day for me but all worth it, the Bride and Groom loved the photos which is what its all about!

if you are interested the rest of the photos from the day are at



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