Photoshop Plug-in: Removing Noise with DeNoise Ai & Photoshop

There has always been a lot of shouting about different ways to remove ‘noise’ from high ISO images, writes Andrew James, so in this video I’ll show you my way, using the PS/Lightroom plug-in Topaz Labs DeNoise AI.

I suspect there are more pages and online forum columns taken up on the subject of high ISO noise and its removal than almost any other photographic subject. As a rule, controlled noise doesn’t bother me and a bit of ‘grit’ in an image can actually help. But sometimes ugly noise can detract from an image and it’s good to be able to tone it down without making the photo look ‘plastic’. Lightroom and Photoshop both have methods for reducing noise but I have also been playing around with the plug-in DeNoise AI (Topaz Labs) and found it actually rather impressive!

Here I’ll show you the difference it can make, plus how I use it in conjunction with Photoshop so that you can really control how it works for each specific image.

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