September Meet-Up

In the spirit of being allowed outside now and us all having expensive camera gear that needs using who would be interested in meeting up in September / October?  The dates I have so far are :

  •  Saturday 24 September
  • Saturday 8 October

These dates aren’t fixed, I was just looking for something that give everyone sufficient time to make plans, but without looking at our 2023 calendars.   I’ve suggested a Saturday in both cases, but Sunday would do for me too.  Weekdays are expensive for me as I work freelance, so unless it’s a bank holiday I’m not too keen on taking time out mid-week.

With regards to location, I’ve suggested somewhere in the middle of the country, perhaps Fen Drayton Lakes, but depending on who’s available we can change the location.  No point on it being in the middle of the country if everyone is in the north, or south.  I’ll travel wherever so not really fussed.  I’ll just be happy to get out to be honest.

So put your comments and thoughts below and we can get something more concrete together.



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  1. Put me down as a maybe on 24th Sept, can’t do any dates in Oct, as I’m in Mull for 2 weekends and then in Whitby at the end of Oct at a music festival.

  2. 24th September would work for me too👍🏼

  3. I can do 24th Sept

  4. Works for me too, so count me in. Happy to put people up if people would like a bed in St Albans

  5. Hardly taken my camera out this year and not seen you lot for ages and ages and even longer so about time I did. Can’t do Sept 24th as in Spain nor 8th Oct as have something else on that day but would be interested in other get togethers in October and beyond.

  6. Thanks for the feedback everyone. Looks like 24th is the best date so far – we can always have another meet-up later. Can you remind me where you all are please so far if we take Rob into account the mid-point is Yorkshire, which I don’t mind but it might not work for others.


    • I should be ok for 24th Harrogate

    • I’m in Cardiff. Since I put my name down though there’s a possibility I may not make it as may be in the middle date of a now booked course for nervous dogs (I’m brave but the dog is not!!) We are not even sure if she’s brave enough to cope with the course yet so I may be ok to attend the meet up. I can always stay in my Campervan so it doesn’t matter too much how far it is for me.

  7. 24th ok for me and possibly himself depending on journey time as he has a do in the evening

    • Can’t attend now unfortunately because the dog coped with week 1 of the course so need to attend this on 24th. Next time…..

  8. Should’ve said 8/10 ok too

  9. Unfortunately I’m in Cumbria on the 24th and we have a Camera Club Open day on the 8th. Hope it goes ahead for you Shaun.

  10. All – let’s pencil in the 24th then as that seems to be the most popular. Can you all tell me where you are based and I’ll find somewhere roughly in the middle of where we are all based and get back with a couple of suggestions.

  11. Hi Shaun Poole, Dorset, the Southern marker I think 😂🤣

  12. Ideas so far.

    Sticking with the theme of wildlife and given that I just about know the difference between a pigeon and a dog, what about either of these two

    1. Rutland – Anglian Water Birdwatching Centre
    2. London Wetlands

    I did think of Fen Drayton originally, but it’s nor that far from Rutland and that looks a lot better. I also thought of slimbridge, but that seems a right pain for any of us to get to.

    I’m happy to travel anywhere, so I’ll go with the flow in terms of location. Or do you fancy something different to wildlife and perhaps go to somewhere like Fountains Abbey?

    Thoughts on a post card please and I’ll send out final details over the next couple of days.

    • Not keen on London plus there’s the issue there of ULEZ/OLEZ To consider. Not sure if Wetland centre is affected! Rutland and Fen are about the same for me

  13. What about Martin mere or is that too west?

    • Afternoon team afraid I won’t be making the 24th after all … got an exhibition request out of the blue for 6 weeks time and I am away for two and a bit of them so have got to both get van to full operation ( different to finished) and turn out a load of stock.. next time … have. Cracking day

  14. Not considered Martin Mere, but happy to go with the flow if that’s a better location. Never been there or Rutland, so makes no difference to me.

  15. Just looked on a Map. Martin Mere is about the same for me as Rutland. Happy with either.

  16. plenty of birds at Martin Mere and gets some great light (weather permitting in the afternoon)

  17. Okay, Martin Mere it is. 10am-ish. Is everyone okay with that?

    • Count me out on this one at I gather I may not be allowed to drive for a week. Martin Mere is too far for me anyway. Have a great time

      • Thanks Chris, get well soon. I’ll organise another one a bit further down south, and then we can all rock up north to see Rob too.

  18. And also up north are Sandy Welsh and me 🙂

  19. Yep, I should be there, possibly a little hungover, just back from a football reunion of relics!

  20. Cool. See you there.

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