Shooting local landscapes – video

In this fun and unscripted video filmed on a day when the weather was against landscape photography, we look at how, even when conditions are less than perfect, you can still nail a shot or two by sticking close to home and making your sure you obey some good landscape photography guidelines. Afterwards, we’ll take the image into Lightroom and work on it.

Published in Camera Skills
  1. Well there’s a first plus for the new face of FBZ….hadn’t seen this article before! Really interesting one too, couple of great tips, bit of processing info.

    Thanks AJ, and JA for filming.

    Quick question, I’m always unsure as to whether I can hop over a fence/wall (and not becuase I’m short) to get in a better position to take a shot like this one. Any advice on accessing a location like this?

  2. Depends if nobody is looking…;-) Seriously my view is simple, if it says private then you don’t. If it doesn’t and you can get in and out without causing any damage to anything then go for it. Be sensible and if someone does shout get orf my land, apologise and leave.

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