Talking off-camera flash

Following on from last week’s first article about off-camera flash, Foto-Buzz HQ discuss what you need and why the results you can get will improve your shots, whether they’re portraits or wildlife images and everything in-between.

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  1. Liked that, but it was a bit long! Very informative though. I now need to buy a universal transmitter and receiver to work with my Olympus camera and legacy Canon flashes.
    (It might be worth you saying in future that this is a 40+ minute video!)

    • I have the Cactus v6 mk2. They work with most brands flashes. Just you need a pair, one on the camera and one on each flash.

      • Meant to put CB at the start…sorry. Also you need at least a pair one acting as transmitter and one on the flash as a receiver. You can, by adding another have a multi flash system. You can also mix and match the flash units.

  2. I enjoyed that, and lengthwise it was fine for me. I’m currently using infra red (an on-camera master and an off-camera unit) but radio transmitters would probably help. One question: I currently use the 1DXII and control most of the flash functions via the 1DXII camera menu, including the relative power (ETTL) between flash groups, power (manual flash), turning groups on and off etc. Would I still be able to do that with transmitter/receivers? Oh and thanks for the name-check!

    • Some do Paul – you just spend more on your set-up. For example, have a look at pocket wizard.

      • Thanks Andrew! Will check it out, but have also realized that I rely on the AF assist beam for focusing so will check whether any systems offer that as well.

  3. Thanks gents for the learning. I may venture into the woods and do a bit of flashing………

  4. Thanks for that guys, Paul if you use Canon Speedlites what about the Canon ST-E3-RT Speedlite Transmitter. CB don’t know whether I am stating the obvious but without them even talking you can see the length at the very beginning!!

  5. Personally I love video learning. I’m a visual girl, not a reading person. If that had of been typed up I would have got bored and confused. I like Paul have infra red which it’s fine for my needs, but great to know what I should look out for if I ever upgrade. Thank you for doing this.

    • I feel the same on tutorials. I make notes on fotobuzz/you tube tutorials at the relevant time points to access quickly when I need them and use a spreadsheet for finding them. I like reading tutorials but a video is quicker and possibly more up to date. A great example is the Adobe photoshop tutorials which are split between both. I know which I prefer!!

  6. I write down the relevant time points too Barry. Normally on scrappy bits of paper though that I normally loose. A spreadsheet is clearly what I should be using.

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