The Dawn

  1. Welcome back Tiger Tal

  2. Hey Tal – welcome back. Really sorry to hear about your Dad and your brush with Covid. You have made some lovely pics above. It’s good that you have re-joined.

    • Thank you Paul, I hope with everyone’s support I can make even better ones 🙂

  3. Hey Tal, welcome back to this crazy place. You have some great images and inspired by your father. Look forward to the day we can all meet up again

    • Hey Howard, lovely to be back and 100% looking forward to meeting up again at a foto buzz event or workshop!

  4. Welcome back Tal. So very sorry to hear about your loss and then your own brush with C-19, that must have been a tough time. But I love what you have been up to with your camera – nature is good for the soul and it looks like it’s working for you. Hard to pick a favourite, is I won’t, but I am looking forward to seeing more of your badger project.

    • Hey Mary, it was tough, but times like that make us who we are I think, and for sure nature is good for the spirit. I’ve just got back from badgers… they’ve been running riot tonight!

      • Good philosophy Tal. Looking forward to the badgers – are they your new tiger I wonder 🙂

  5. Hey, good to see you back in the hive Tal!!

  6. Great to see you again! That’s a fab variety of images. Much appreciated.

  7. Hey Tal, welcome back. 2020 took my dad too and he was definitely a sun lover but not so early! Lovely sun project images. Great to see that you’re back out there and clicking (albeit it silently 😉 ).

  8. Sorry to hear Jayne. Yep, the R6 is ultra silent :-p .

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