The Dawn

Hi everyone,

Where does the time go….

I was meant to re-join a while back, but the days, weeks and months blended into one long line. I hope everyone has been as well as possible the past year or so.

So what have I been up to…

Sadly last year my dad passed away in September, and I contracted Covid19 not too long after. That period taught me a lot… time is precious.

After a period of contemplation, I sold all my SLR camera’s and bought a Canon EOS R6 – technical stuff aside, it simply made photography fun again, and I went out (when it was legal to do so I must add) and put as much heart as I could in my photography.

My dad loved to sit in the sun, it helped him relax during his last years… he almost drew an energy from it. Not long after dad passed, I visited a Van Gogh exhibition. I was inspired by the artists passion for the sun too, so it became a theme, and I remembered them both though the sunlit images I took during that dawn in my life.

I have grown to love local, common species more this year. I actually love birds a lot now, as the below shot of an Indian Green Bee-eater shows. It was lovely watching it pluck insects from the lake, and I enjoyed capturing it in flight with a reflection. What a lovely bird :-p.