The NEW way to use ‘File > Save As’ in Photoshop

A recent update in Photoshop 2021 has seen a significant change to an age-old workflow step, writes Jon Adams. To make sure you don’t suffer from the same confusion as thousands of photographers (including some high-end Photoshop users!), Jon and Andrew explain what has happened, and what you need to do from the moment you update to version 22.4 (May 2021) of Adobe’s flagship image editor.

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  1. Thanks for this although I found this out earlier in the week. Is there though anyway you can globally remove the default ‘copy’ that’s added every time ?

  2. Thanks guys! I also stumbled over that recently, but because it’s not something I do a lot I hadn’t realized it was a change. Useful to know what’s happening so it doesn’t catch me out in the future.

  3. Thanks guys. I had spent some time yesterday wondering what was wrong.

  4. Will try and remember when I next do some processing – Thank you

  5. Do Adobe do notes on what’s changed in the update. On a major workflow change such as this they must have highlighted this, but there again if they did it is up to users to give them a quick scan.

  6. Further to my comment above I found this page on Adobe’s website
    However it is not very clear that this is a replacement to the old way of saving to JPEG etc.

  7. Thanks Guys, that will definitely save me time!

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