Toning RAW files with Color Grading

Whether you want sepia, cyanotype or a two-colour split-toning treatment on your black & white images, your first port of call should be the Color Grading panel in Adobe Camera Raw or Lightroom, writes Jon Adams. Not too long ago, this was called the Split Toning panel – and was a much simpler affair – but once you get the hang of it, it offers a super-quick way to get a vast array of toning effects in a few clicks.

In this video, Jon reveals how to make a fast mono conversion and then use the Color Grading controls to apply a range of different toning effects to a character portrait.

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  1. The Alt key! I always forget how useful it is.

  2. Same as Paul, always forget Alt

    Thanks Jon, useful reminder on many things including the BW set up.

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