Understanding Fill Opacity in Photoshop

In Photoshop’s Layers panel, you can fade down a layer’s content by using the Opacity control, writes Jon Adams. But right underneath it is another opacity control called ‘Fill’, that seems to do exactly the same thing! In this video, we find out what Fill does, what it’s for, and how it can be used to creative effect.

Published in Imaging Skills
  1. The purpose of that control has had me puzzled for years. Thanks!

  2. Thanks Jon, never noticed it before! Also for the how to do a border on an image – always having to ask AJ about that one as I keep forgetting where it is 😉

  3. Fill O’Pacity – an Irish Photoshopper? Discuss…

  4. OOOOh! I like that. Will have to watch it again a 100 times before I try it, but I will. Thanks Jon 🙂

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