Meet Your Experts
Andrew James is an all-round imaging expert & journalist, who loves all areas of photography but with a strong leaning to the natural world. Jon Adams is a leading expert & writer on Photoshop, Jon is also a highly accomplished pro photographer and film-maker.
Andrew James

Andrew James spent 26 years as a consumer magazine editor, the last 13 of which were on the world-famous Practical Photography. A long-time expert in photographic techniques across many disciplines, he’s a self-confessed ‘generalist’, and a font of knowledge on creative approaches to capturing just about any subject.

Aside from being an award-winning photographer, Andrew is also well known as an educator, and has inspired thousands of enthusiasts across the world from his lectures, workshops and magazine articles. He works as a specialist leader for the prestigious Natural World Safaris, and has guided photo expeditions from the frozen wastes of Antarctica to the colourful streets of Cuba.

Although he’s well known as an expert in capture, Andrew is also a RAW post-processing wizard, and if something is possible in Lightroom, he’ll show you how it can be done! His presentation style is always warm and inclusive, and like all great educators, he has a knack of explaining complex things in simple, accessible ways.

Andrew’s generalist label means that as a professional, he has been commissioned to shoot everything from heavy industry to delicate florals, but when he’s taking pictures for the love of it, he likes to hone his approach to capturing wildlife and moody landscapes.

Andrew’s wide-ranging photography knowledge means he authors the long-running Photo Answers section for Digital Camera Magazine, and his work as a journalist, guide and educator dovetails neatly into his commitment to Foto-Buzz – and Fotobuzzers!


“Foto-Buzz is a place for photographers of all levels to learn, interact, have fun, get inspired and ultimately get more enjoyment out of their photography… ” 

Andrew James, Photography Expert

Jon Adams

As editor of Digital Photo Magazine for 15 years Jon Adams pioneered and popularised the creation of expertly delivered step-by-step Photoshop tutorials. Jon’s vast knowledge of Photoshop and how it can be applied to photography has helped thousands of photographers get to grips with the trickiest imaging techniques.

Jon’s friendly and instructional presentation style is an essential part of the Foto-Buzz package. He’ll even tailor Photoshop skills to Foto-Buzz members’ specific needs! He is also an expert in Lightroom, Adobe Camera Raw, and other imaging software.

As a professional photographer Jon has photographed subjects from studio portraits to multi-image composites but when he’s shooting for fun he particularly likes to target landscapes and still-life.

Jon also shoots commercial video using Digital SLRs for businesses around the UK. As well as camera work he understands the technical aspects of sound recording and video editing, essential skills in the modern film-maker’s toolkit.

His multi-media approach to photography means he currently writes and records Photoshop tutorials for Digital Camera Magazine, one of the UK’s biggest monthly photography magazines, as well as devoting his time to helping Foto-Buzz members improve their imaging skills

Foto-Buzz gives me a direct communication with the people I am teaching and that’s very special. This way I can really tailor content to their specific needs, often using their images in the process…

Jon Adams, Photoshop Expert