• All the colourful butterflies seem to have deserted our garden, but we’ve had one very persistent speckled wood the last day or so which I was able to get close to with the macro lens. It’s even just about backlit!

  • So butterfly pics went out the window this weekend! Managed to tweak back, not ideal a week before driving to the tunnel and then through France 😳

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    Can anyone advise if, by using a Battery grip (Canon or otherwise) do you get longer battery life per charge or is it the same as just swapping batteries in camera?

    Apart from the additional buttons etc for portrait I wonder if grips are worth the extra weight and money?


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    • I think so! Better ergonomically, and yes, in most cases you can put two batteries in them so double the life – which for a mirrorless could be particularly useful. Having said that, I’ve not yet purchased one for my mirrorless but I really should.

      • It’s not a big job to swap batteries over and spare batteries and thus weight ,are distributed around my pockets or camera bag, but grip means body is heavier so I need to see if battery life is improved in grip or not.

    • It may depend on whether it uses one battery then the second or draws some power from each at the same time?

    • David, the battery will sometimes facilitate a faster burst rate, frames per second, for high speed continuous shutter use … get the moment the tyre smokes on landing, or the kingfisher breaks the water…. And with the smaller cameras it improves the balance and ,particularly if you have larger hands ( can hold a 1DX /D5) it improves the erg…Read More

  • Afternoon all. Had a great encounter with a family of tawny owls today, with the adult hunting in the middle of the day and feeding the fledglings. I initially spotted the parent, saw it hunt and catch a small bird / chick and then fly up to a nearby tree where I then spotted the fledglings. All just 10 minutes walk from home.

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  • Beach is a bit crowded this morning

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