• Hello strangers. Back from my travels near and far, so I will bother you all again.
    AJ, you are quite correct re ‘Pooh’, it is a variety of Dahlia and it was a bu***r to photograph. Taken in situ in the garden with lovely early morning back light.
    We’ve had a few days in North Devon, just to the west of Bideford, a quaint little town. We…Read More

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  • New Adobe toys in the latest updates to LR and PS. Just been playing around with the new Lightroom masking tools. Not quite as straightforward as before (but you get a panel to keep things in order). The ‘select subject’ mask works pretty well, plus there’s a select sky tool. I’ve just got to figure out how to add the different masks together!…Read More

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  • Had an early trip up to Bradgate Park this morning. Not much really going on and the weather was filthy dark so nothing much in the way of good pics. Nothing in fact but it was fun anyway. A few bellowing stags was all I could manage at ISO 3200.

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    • Better than a single bellowing Missus, AJ, but ……… maybe that’s why you were up and out so early!

      • That’s true Jerry! Actually I was taking the stepson’s girlfriend who is very much into wildlife but hadn’t seen a red stag in full bellow mode, so although I would have liked some better weather to get some good pics, I was more hopeful of just getting her close to some sort of action. That mission was accomplished. I did moan a lot about the…Read More

  • Morning All, Today I will mainly be making wood shavings, but first, tea and toast

    Hope your power is back AJ

  • On my way home from town. Interesting to see how empty it still is. A few sightseers around at St Paul’s, bars empty, bus at rush hour only about a quarter full, instead of standing room only. Obviously most office workers at City firms are still working from home despite efforts to force them back into the office in real life.

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