• Really frustrating afternoon here. The Forestry Commission has given permission for many hectares of trees to be felled in the woods at our local quarry and they moved in today – at the height of nesting! When questioned we were told… I quote ” each driver checks inspects each tree from their seat” Really? I know the machines are big, but THAT…Read More

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    • That’s terrible. And the excuse about checking is hopeless. Do you have any wildlife police up there who could be contacted? We called our local ones when a tower block was being demolished where I worked and they were great. We were assured by the contractors (wrongly) that they had checked for nests before starting. They hadn’t and herring gul…Read More

  • Beautiful day today in the Big Smoke. Went up to meet work buddies some of whom I’ve known since 1973. Good day for a walk along the Southbank with the camera especially when the vision is enhanced by a glass or two (or three🤣) of white wine 🥂

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  • Afternoon all. A nice sunny day here with a peaceful weekend in the offing – I think…🤔

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  • Getting very excited to see red kites flying over our garden. Two days in a row now (and today there was a group of three) so it looks as though they might finally have extended their territory to this part of Sussex. Still way too high for anything decent photographically, but I live in hope.

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  • Excellent zoom last night chaps thank yo very much and very well done Barry. Plenty of cow pats about plus the ponies but haven’t seen a dung fly this year yet. Very little wildlife either, I presume they must still be locked down.

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