• Early evening all. Hope everyone is fine and dandy.
    I need to catch up on what’s been happening lately.
    Mr Stubbs – do you know a guy called Andy Bainbridge? He is an instructor over at Bisley – just wondering as I met him at a birthday bash this weekend

  • Well done to anyone who captured a dragonfly shot at the weekend. I’ll take a peek at your results properly later. I’m currently knee-deep in a magazine article so when I come up for air I’ll have a look.

  • Morning all. A gentle start to the morning morning here before heading off out to Loch Scridain to search for otters – and then gin…

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  • Morning All, a tad early here, but the gulls on the nearby lake are up for an early bath and letting the world know!
    Part of today will be spent sat on a cliff top supporting Dolphin watch ( one of the marine weeks’ activities at the seaside office) 🔭 🐬 #funinthesun

  • Wow more sunshine in Scotland! Great day today, more restful than yesterday. Butterflies and some beardy stuff. And Mary found some Highland coos🤣

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