• Morning All, well here ‘darn Sarf’ the light is flatter than a duck’s instep, not a shadow to be seen!! Time to get up close and personal with nature …… Hang about …..vampires don’t cast shadows …. Ohhh well more black pudding for me please chef.

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  • Evening all.
    Lots of sunshine of the very liquid variety here in Seattle today. Our host says they have dry rain that doesn’t get you wet, but my waterproof very definitely changed to a darker colour.

  • I’m feeling very battered – perhaps I should enter a selfie for this month’s challenge.
    Just enjoyed a fabulous 5 days in Finland photographing brown bears. Annoyingly, whilst en route from Oulu to Helsinki, the baggage handlers went on strike. My onward flight home was cancelled (& Finnair leave you on your own to make accommodation…Read More

  • Evening all. It’s been a bit damp up here, but I guess most of the UK has been pretty much the same. We did at least have a dry start to the day so managed a walk out and into town.

  • For those going to Westonbirt, I’ve had an email from Westonbirt today saying
    “Pre-booking over autumn

    Saturday 30 September –
    Sunday 12 November

    Pre-booking is essential to guarantee your entry during autumn.

    As we are expecting high numbers of visitors over autumn, please note that if you do not pre-book, you may be turned awa…Read More

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