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    Here's What Our Members Have To say
    • “Foto-Buzz has given me access to endless articles on all sorts of photographic aspects and techniques. It has also given me the incentive to learn and venture out more. A Foto-Buzz membership is a necessity for me.”

    • “I love how Foto-Buzz provides access to experts. How else can you get guys like this to directly answer your questions, give you hints and tips, set you challenges, take you way out of your comfort zone and as a result make you that bit better a photographer?”

    • “The community is very sociable and cooperative. I find the members are extraordinarily helpful to each other, open, relaxed and thoroughly friendly. The Foto-Buzz learning zone, the member blogs, videos, meetup reports, and FotoMissions are brilliant for educating and stretching us.”

    • “Foto-Buzz has really changed the way I think about my photography. I’d had cameras for many years but had really reached a plateau; my photos were more casual ‘snaps’ than proper photos and buying new kit didn’t really seem to improve the quality of my photos either.”

    • “My photography has improved in leaps and bounds as a direct result of my Foto-Buzz membership. I learn by watching rather than reading so Meetups, both formal and informal, are perfect. The Learning Zone is also a phenomenal resource”

    • “As a photographer who had dipped toes into traditional photographic groups and found them wanting, Foto-Buzz was a breath of fresh air. A positive, creative environment with a broad range of genre, techniques, skills, and experiences amongst the Membership and Management. “

    • “Foto-Buzz has really helped me to stretch my photography and learn new skills and techniques in a friendly and supportive environment. The expert advice, photo analysis and technical videos are incredibly useful.”

    • “Foto-Buzz is a wonderful community and a great place to meet like-minded people. I’ve made lots of friends, both in the UK and elsewhere and learned so much, both from other members and from the many articles and tutorials on the web site.”

    • “Foto-Buzz is the perfect place for novices like me, as the help you get developing your skills, no matter what level you are, is without exception constructive and encouraging. There are no egos and no social media nonsense in this club.”

    • “Foto-Buzz is a unique forum. I have found an eclectic mix of like minded photography friends determined to improve in a fun and supportive environment.”

    • “There are regular videos and articles from the pros and member recommendations of places to visit that are good for photography. In particular, I love the regular FotoMission competitions on set themes. ”

    • “When I started meeting up with other Foto-Buzz members – what a great and generous bunch of people. The tutorials are easy to follow and they always have good examples to back up the skills being explained. When it comes down to it, the combination experts and all the members makes Foto-Buzz a unique resource.”

    • “I’m a Brit living in a non-English speaking country. Photography is complicated enough in my own language but happily I discovered Foto-Buzz! I can ask for photo advice or critiques, chat to members on the lounge, and learn from the experts. it’s worth every penny of the membership fee.”

    • “I live in New Zealand and have found Foto-Buzz much, much better than any photo club, magazine or book. It’s all three combined and so much more, with loads of useful advice and a great bunch of people. This is an amazing on-line photography based community, where everyone is always ready to assist.”

    Your Foto-Buzz Experts
    Andrew James & Jon Adams have over 60 years combined experienced to share. Their photography, film-making and writing skills can really help to drive your creative and technical skills forward.
    Contact Us
    Andrew James

    Award-winning photographer Andrew James has over 30 years experience as a writer and photographer, including as editor-in-chief of Practical Photography magazine. An expert in photographic techniques across many disciplines, he’s a fount of knowledge on creative approaches & has inspired thousands of enthusiasts across the world with his talks, workshops and articles. He has guided photo expeditions from the frozen wastes of Antarctica to the colourful streets of Cuba.

    Contact Us
    Jon Adams

    As editor of Digital Photo for 15 years, Jon Adams pioneered and popularised the creation of expertly-delivered step-by-step Photoshop tutorials. From the stills studio to a Steadicam, Jon’s photography & video knowhow, as well as his vast knowledge of Photoshop, has helped thousands of photographers get to grips with the trickiest of shooting & imaging techniques. His friendly presentation style is an essential ingredient in the Foto-Buzz mix.