Bempton Staycation

I do like the ‘piano key’ plumage of the younger birds
These two couldn’t help themselves… some awkward questions could be heard from some of the younger visitors!
I have switched to capture1 and enjoy the colours it produces with my R6 files
I didn’t get the light I was after, but you persist and hopefully enjoy the time
Not quite the composition I was after, but the colours hopefully compensate a little.
One of the rare instances they land close enough for a frame filler @ 400mm f2.8
I still enjoy the beautiful diffusion created with the current setup.
The Kittiwakes feel are cute!
The afterglow after sunset…


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  1. Great selection there Tal, and some beautiful light. Cracking Job!

  2. nice one Tal, still working through mine Bempton stuff!

  3. Thank you 🙂 I might do a proppa video vlog with the proppa photos – peregrine etc 🙂

  4. That’s an excellent set of images. Love the slightly obscured focus-through effect in number 7.

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