Bempton Video Feedback

Hi AJ/JA, fotobuzzers – it would be great to have some feedback for the slideshow video I mentioned in the chat – in terms of, transitions, duration of images, mood etc and anything else.

Hopefully you can view on a big screen.

Can we not circulate outside of fotobuzz please, its just one for me, my journey, and wanting to improve and I don’t have the licence for the song (…yet).

Gear used – heart, soul, mind, hands, R6, 400mm f2.8 is ii, 70-200mm f2.8 is ii, 12-24mm f4.

Images made over 7 days, and no birds were harmed during this production.


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  1. Viewed on a big screen! Some beautiful images there Tal, and I like the little bits of video. My critique… the photo transitions happened slightly too quickly for me, which meant I was pausing on images I liked. I felt rushed and couldn’t really take it all in. Maybe just lengthen the screen time for some key images, using the more rapid transition to build into each section and then more time on the killer shot. I also muted the audio as I find lyrics (any lyrics) really distracting, except maybe as an intro/outro to set the tone (that may be a very personal issue for me). The photography is fab!

    • Really useful feedback Paul, thank you for taking the time and really considering my questions. I agree with the screen time for the images… I think I’ll remove some and increase time on all or some of the shots.

    • Hey Paul, I forgot to mention about the song… it’s called the last man on the earth and I think it touches on our arrogance as a species, so it was nice to show some nature, I also liked the words about light so added the sunset images in there too… just my thinking and Tal brain

      • I’ve checked out the song/band (great name!). The music thing is a bug-bear of mine. I guess my ideal track would be John Cage’s 4′ 33″ 😂

        • Interesting Paul, I just listened to 4:33 and it’s a different experience each time… for the first movement I heard fire engines and ambulance sirens, the second I could hear Colombian drug lords and the third it was a whale singing I thought, but really it was my stomach so had to run to the chippy lol

          • That’s one of its joys! But beware, his Estate has successfully sued when excerpts have been used without permission!

  2. Some lovely images on your audio visual. I agree a bit with Paul here BUT, if you increase screen time for each image then make sure the actual AV doesn’t become too long. I like the music, it’s quite emotional and I don’t mind the lyrics but maybe it’s a bit too overpowering? Again, that’s just personal choice though. It was a great way to show some of your images.

    • Thank you AJ.

      • You’ve made me think… I need better images to match the power of the song! I shall get back out there… and see if I can update in a couple of months

  3. A very enjoyable few minutes, good mix of images but agree with transitions for some being too fast; I really enjoy making AV of stills and I do use music but tend to stick to instrumental although I understand your aim with this track and the images working together – I wonder if it would fit images showing the birds environment more rather than portraits – maybe using a portrait as a punctuation to match a point in the song.
    Think I’ll be spending the evening putting one or two together! thanks for reminding me how much I like AV’s

  4. Hi Tal,
    You had some lovely light during the time at Bempton and as for being that close to a Pereguine on th e cliff top – woozier mate!.
    A very good first attempt at video production. Same comment from me on the transitions and I would also like to add to use another 1 perhaps 2 different transitions (NO more though) to provide a bit of variety. A slow dissolve or two between two pics of the same bird could work very well. I see a lot of Tal in the compositions and I wish I could ‘see’ the way do. Nice one!

  5. Hi Tal,
    Just visited this and I have to say you have a wonderful eye for colour and your fieldcraft must be great to get the Peregrine shots, the bird looks very calm showing no fear or disturbance.
    How much time did you actually spend on the cliffs? And did you go in early and stay late each day?

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