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Create a biting ‘frosty’ Black & White in Lightroom

We've had some frosty and misty weather over the last week and, at least according to the BBC weatherman, it looks set to be around next week too. Getting out early in these conditions and looking for scenes full of detail and texture is a sure way to find subjects that naturally lend themselves to ...Read More

New Year Fine Art Print Challenge

It’s about time we printed more of our images, writes Andrew James, so for this week’s video I’m going to discuss the things to think about when printing and hanging your ‘fine art’ photography, as well as look at two really easy ways to give your image a subtle arty twist in Photoshop.

Make your own bokeh shapes!

On our recent live zoom, we talked about some thoroughly absorbing indoor projects that are great things to try if you want to escape the seasonal routine of food and telly for an hour or two, writes Jon Adams. One project that raised a few eyebrows and sparked a few questions was the ‘shaped bokeh ...Read More

Buzzlive: Ideas for indoor photography

Want some ideas and tips for shooting indoors over the Christmas break? Then get a Santa's sackload of inspiration from this Buzzlive with Jon and Andrew. Warning - this content contains spectacularly bad jokes! 

Lightroom: Create contrast using masks

In this video we use some of Lightroom (and Camera Raw's) new Masking options to give a summer dragonfly shot added contrast and detail, writes Andrew James.

Paint with light the Foto-buzz way!

The Greek roots of the word photography mean 'drawing with light', and this project takes the idea quite literally, but moves it forward into the digital age, writes Jon Adams. Normally, we take a picture that is lit by a static light source, but if you extend the shutter speed to several seconds, y...Read More

Photoshop: How to create a Grid Print

Fancy creating a grid of your images for a fancy-looking Christmas present? It's cheaper than a bottle of Paco Rabanne, more useful than a subscription for weekly MacDonald's Happy Meals, and hugely more fun than a night out at the Slaughtered Lamb. In truth, it's really easy to do in Photoshop and ...Read More

Lightroom: Creating a User Profile – and applying it at Import

Learn how to create your own User Preset in Lightroom and save it for future use with other images, writes Andrew James. Plus, I'll show you how you can apply that image at the Import stage.