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Bigger Apples – The Wait is Over.  Kind of.

A few months back I was asked should one buy the M1 or wait and my advise was to wait.  Now here we are 3-4 months later and new toys have arrived as expected. The good news if you wanted a new MacBook Pro your wishes have been granted.  If you wanted a new 27″ iMac then you are out of luck, that will no doubt come next year as we are half-way through a 2-year transition to Apple Silicon. This time around Apple have launched two new CPU’s, or system on a chip processors with GPU and all the othe...Read More

Shoot the magic of mist

There are no secrets to getting good mist shots – despite what the clickbait internet articles might suggest. You just need a good eye, and some common sense when it comes to your technique...

Starting in Infrared.

I have been umming and ahhing over getting my 7D Mk2 converted to IR, but after doing some research I found it cheaper to buy one that had already been converted. So I bought a Canon 550D that had already been converted for £269, checking lenses for hotspots and suitability is also another thing you have to consider with many newer lenses not suitable because of coatings etc. The best site I found was this one More

Pro-quality print presentation

In this age of instant uploads to social media, it's easy to forget the impact that a great-looking print can have. But this impact is significantly increased if you take the time to present your print in a considered way. In this video, Jon shows you an easy technique in Photoshop that allows you to have complete control over the placement and scale of your picture on the page, and you can even throw in an elegant keyline border for good measure!

Lightroom: Lifting shadows on a contre jour shot

Watch as Andrew deals with a subtle shadow lift on a contre jour image and shows you how you can do a quick paste of setting from one image to the next.

Buzzlive: Foto-Buzz in the Camargue

Discover what the Foto-Buzz 2021 trip to the Camargue, France was like and see some of the great shots taken by the members who attended. 


Taken at ZSL Whipsnade, with the R6, 400mm f2.8 is II and of course heart 🙂  

Get to grips with Hyperfocal Distance

When it comes to getting pictures that are sharp all the way through from foreground to background, a great method you can use is hyperfocal distancing, writes Andrew James & Jon Adams.