Blog List – Classic

Extending backgrounds in Photoshop

Sometimes, no matter how good your reflexes are, you don't get a moving subject quite where you want it in the frame, writes Jon Adams. It can be too close the the edge, and that means your composition is compromised. Even with static subjects and scenes, we can still make the error of leaving insufficient space around the core detail, and other than reshooting with a looser composition, it seems there's little you can do.

Using RAW workflow preferences in Adobe Camera Raw

Speeding up your RAW processing in ACR by using Preferences is a great time-saver, writes Jon Adams. But how do you find them, what settings should you use, and what on earth is a Smart Object? All these questions are answered in this video tour of a well-hidden set of options available in ACR...

Zoo photography tips

Photographing animals in their natural habitat, either in your own country or overseas is a wonderful experience, but it’s not something we’re always able to do – especially when the species is more exotic, writes Andrew James. 

Using Snapshots in Camera Raw (Photoshop) and Lightroom

In another gripping double act, AJ and JA bring you the lowdown on using Snapshots for capturing different creative interpretations of your images. Don't know what Snapshots are? Then watch to discover this handy option that's available in both Camera Raw (Photoshop) and Lightroom. This video is approximately 13 minutes long. 

Drone flying over Arran

We visited Arran for the first time last month – we usually travel to Mull each year for the wildlife and the scenery but the people who own the house we rent have decided to live in it permanently now, so that scuppered a trip we had booked. So we thought we would tray a different island. I had hoped to find the Otters and other elusive wildlife, but to no avail. But, I had taken the drones with me and managed three outings with them, the first of which really did test my flying skills! Upon ex...Read More