Blog List – Classic

Changing colours in Photoshop

Whether you want to subvert a cultural icon, create harmony with similar hues or even try out a new paint job digitally before splashing out on Dulux's finest, there are lots of reasons why it's good to know how to change colours in an image, writes Jon Adams. In this video, we take you through a tried & trusted Photoshop method that's really quick and easy to do, and once you've mastered it, you'll never be stuck for a colour change again!

Slowing it all down

In photographic terms f/8 will always be f/8 (actually we could debate this but to keep things simple we won’t), but technology changes a lot about how we shoot and what things we need to shoot with, writes Andrew James.

FM judging: Your best photos of 2022

In this Buzzlive broadcast, Andrew and Jon review all the member images that were entered into the final Foto Mission round of 2022. 

Hand-colouring techniques in Photoshop

Painting in an old black & white photo by hand is a traditional craft that used to be done with fine brushes and inks, but nowadays, thanks to the joys of Photoshop's Layers and Blend Modes, it's much easier, writes Jon Adams. In this video, we show you the principles involved in setting up your colour palette, applying the chosen colour to a new layer and blending and tweaking the colour so it looks natural. Although anything that involves working manually on an image will never be super-quick...Read More

FM Judging: Earth & Sky

Your mission was to enter images on the theme of Earth & Sky. As always we had plenty of interesting images to judge and you can catch-up on our thoughts in this Buzzlive session.

Layer Masking tips in Photoshop

Layer masking sounds horribly complex, but all those familiar with the idea of masking in Lightroom or Adobe Camera Raw will know that it's just isolating one part of a picture so you can make changes to it, writes Jon Adams. In this video tutorial, Jon looks at some time-saving and practical tips and tricks you can use when employing Layer Masks to enhance your images.

Lightroom: Black & White Wildlife Conversion

In this video Andrew looks at how to identify wildlife images that would make a good mono conversion before going onto create a striking black & white bear image mainly using Lightroom's Mask options.