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Underexposing to retain detail

There are occasions when a little underexposure isn't necessarily a bad thing! But you need to be sure that you can underexpose, or allow the camera to underexpose, without causing issues of image degradation when you process the photo. AJ explains why and when he sometimes deliberately underexposes...Read More

For the love of ice

With a Foto-Buzz trip to the Arctic happening in April 2023, AJ looks at all things ice from both the southern and northern polar regions...

Dial M for Manual – when you need to take full control

Lots of photographers think that professionals use Manual exposure mode all the time, write Jon Adams and Andrew James. But this is not true! In fact, if you use Aperture priority mode and know how and when to use Exposure Compensation, you hardly need Manual mode at all. However, there are a few si...Read More

Puffins on Skomer

The boat hadn’t been running for two days leading up to my visit, so I was happy the wind had eased and the short hop across was almost tropical! While lack of wind was great from a travelling point of view, I was wondering how it might affect my attempts to photograph them in flight. Well, I can te...Read More

Understanding Resolution

In Understanding Resolution Andrew and Jon discuss various technical aspects related to megapixels, pixel per inch, longest edge, and various other confusing techie phrases. If you'd like to understand resolution once and for all, this is your chance...