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Buzzlive: Photoshop Tips & Icebergs

In this episode of Buzzlive Jon dishes out some very useful Photoshop tips and shortcuts, while Andrew takes you on a journey to photograph icebergs.

An Unexpected Journey.

Are we all seated comfortably, then I will begin…. It all started with a volunteer, and in direct opposition to years of training I actually volunteered for this mission. The Journey was to Wells on the North Norfolk coast, the mission to take images for PhotoPlus Canon magazine, for I was to be an ...Read More

Photoshop: Restore an old print

Discover how to remove blemishes from an old print you've scanned, so you can restore it to its former glory in Photoshop writes Jon Adams. In this video, we'll take a look at settings for your scanner, cloning and spot healing to a fresh layer, and even a bit of toning too!

Hedgehogs in the Hoghouse 

Good morning All! Great weather for ducks and frogs, but not quite so good for the human life-form.  Lockdown continues, and so does my struggle with all of the Techy stuff to do with the installation and setting-up of mini-cameras and CCTV cameras in nest-boxes, a Hoghouse and a feeding pavili...Read More

Buzzlive: Aperture crazy

Knowing your f-stop from your elbow is important in photography and in this Buzzlive Zoom, Jon and Andrew, look at various aspects of aperture and even started with a quick quiz...

Aigas’ resident mammals

In my last blog about Fungi, I said we’d been very fortunate to spend a week on a workshop at Aigas Field Centre in October. You don’t go to Aigas to see and photograph fungi though. To quote the Aigas website, it offers holidays “exploring the stunning wildlife, habitats and landscapes of the Scott...Read More

Bird of Prey workshop Part 2

At the end of Part 1 I left you on the way to lunch. Gerda, a female 3/4 Gyr 1/4 Sakker falcon was about to have a bath. So we got down on our bellies to get as low as possible in the hope she would throw up some droplets. Some of you have already critiqued this photo – although AJ told us to leave ...Read More

Bird of Prey workshop Part 1

In October I went down to Market Harborough for a Birds of Prey workshop with Andrew and Jon. I had been on one before, 2 years ago, but it’s always good to make the most of opportunities to pick their brains and spend time with these magnificent birds. I drove down on Friday and 10am on Saturday we...Read More