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Processing a fine art snowdrop image

While the weather is positively tropical this week, just last week parts of the UK were blanketed in...Read More

FM Judging: Textures

A terrific set of images were entered in the textures-themed Foto Mission to give Andrew and Jon a r...Read More

How to edit an image in Lightroom’s library mode

Most of your processing efforts are naturally going to take place in Lightroom's Develop Module, but...Read More

Why f/2.8 is great, mate…

For those of you with lenses that enable you to shoot at f/2.8, here’s a question (two actually) we’...Read More

FM Judging: Spooky

Listen in on the judging for the Spooky round of Foto Mission with Andrew and Jon.


Thought I would do a bit of a blog on how I got to my entry for Scary!  Thanks if you voted for...Read More

Snowdrops at East Lambrook Manor

In respone to AJ’s suggestion that snowdrops are now flowering we journeyed 30 minutes to East Lambr...Read More

New ways with colour isolation

With the introduction of Masking options in Lightroom, there are now much better and more accurate w...Read More

Mac Choices – M1 Max Studio, or M2 Pro Mac mini

It’s been a while since I’ve had time to geek out and just talk crap about computers for...Read More

Changing colours in Photoshop

Whether you want to subvert a cultural icon, create harmony with similar hues or even try out a new ...Read More

Slowing it all down

In photographic terms f/8 will always be f/8 (actually we could debate this but to keep things simpl...Read More