FM judging: Magic Moments + Fresh & Fruity

It was a full-on hour of judging as HQ took on two rounds of Foto Mission entries in an FM-double header zoom session. As always there were some great entries and some dubious judging from Andrew and ...

FM Judging: Textures

A terrific set of images were entered in the textures-themed Foto Mission to give Andrew and Jon a real headache to pick the top three. Catch up with the comments and chat...

FM Judging: Spooky

Listen in on the judging for the Spooky round of Foto Mission with Andrew and Jon.

FM judging: Your best photos of 2022

In this Buzzlive broadcast, Andrew and Jon review all the member images that were entered into the final Foto Mission round of 2022. 

FM Judging: Earth & Sky

Your mission was to enter images on the theme of Earth & Sky. As always we had plenty of interesting images to judge and you can catch-up on our thoughts in this Buzzlive session.

FM Judging: The Shape of Things

Join the dynamic duo from HQ as they pass judgement on the entries for October's round of Foto Mission...

FM Judging: Going Slow

Join the boys from HQ as they look at and critique every entry in the Going Slow Foto Mission. Do you agree with their choices? Well, you won't know until you watch how the drama unfolded...

Buzzlive: Judging the ‘In the Shadows’ FM

Join Andrew, Jon, and a jovial gang of Foto-Buzz members as they look through all the entries from the 'In the shadows' Foto Mission.

Buzzlive: Judging the True Colours FM

Andrew and Jon talk through the images entered into the True Colour-themed Foto Mission in this Buzzlive. Find out which images caught their collective critical gaze...

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