Buzzlive: Travel, people & narrative

Catch-up on our Buzzlive session where we discussed capturing narrative in a single image or series of images, and looked at the often intimidating aspect of photographing people you don't know on you...

Buzzlive: Favourite Travel Photos

Join the Foto-Buzz gang as members reveal and talk about some of their favourite travel photos and how they bring back great memories. Oh, and check out Jon's bunny outfit at the start!

Buzzlive: With wildlife artist Richard Symonds

Watch and listen as Foto-Buzz HQ chat with wildlife artist Richard Symonds. This is one you definitely want to catch up on...

Buzzlive: New Year, new resolutions

Listen to Foto-Buzz HQ talk about getting your mojo back for 2021, with help from a whole bunch of Foto-Buzzers...

Buzzlive: Indoor Inspirations

Who says shooting stuff indoors that doesn't move can't be exciting? Not AJ and JA as they give advice and inspiration on props, backgrounds, and lighting options for creative photography where you do...

Buzzlive: Photoshop Tips & Icebergs

In this episode of Buzzlive Jon dishes out some very useful Photoshop tips and shortcuts, while Andrew takes you on a journey to photograph icebergs.

Buzzlive: Aperture crazy

Knowing your f-stop from your elbow is important in photography and in this Buzzlive Zoom, Jon and Andrew, look at various aspects of aperture and even started with a quick quiz...

Buzzlive: High & Low Key Style FotoMission Judging

In this Buzzlive broadcast HQ judge and critique the images entered into the High & Low Key Style FotoMission. Pull up a seat and join in the fun...

Buzzlive: Camera Raw Filter

In this episode of Buzzlive we looked at Photoshop's Camera Raw Filter - a hidden but useful thing to know about.

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