Imaging Skills

Photoshop: How to create a Grid Print

Fancy creating a grid of your images for a fancy-looking Christmas present? It's cheaper than a bottle of Paco Rabanne, more useful than a subscription for weekly MacDonald's Happy Meals, and hugely m...

Lightroom: Creating a User Profile – and applying it at Import

Learn how to create your own User Preset in Lightroom and save it for future use with other images, writes Andrew James. Plus, I'll show you how you can apply that image at the Import stage.

Lightroom: A first look at the new masking options

There had been rumours of a major change in Lightroom and this week we got them, with new masking options bringing alterations to some tried and trusted working practices, writes Andrew James. In this...

Pro-quality print presentation

In this age of instant uploads to social media, it's easy to forget the impact that a great-looking print can have. But this impact is significantly increased if you take the time to present your prin...

Lightroom: Lifting shadows on a contre jour shot

Watch as Andrew deals with a subtle shadow lift on a contre jour image and shows you how you can do a quick paste of setting from one image to the next.

Creating your own Brush Presets in Lightroom

If you use the Adjustment Brush in Lightroom a lot, here's how you can create and save your own Brush Presets to give yourself an extra-speedy workflow, writes Andrew James.

Create impressionist fine-art effects in Photoshop

In this video, we look at a neat way you can add an artistic effect to an image, using Photoshop's layers to blend it with itself to create an impressionist-style scene, writes Jon Adams. You only nee...

How to supersize your photos in Lightroom

Want to double your raw file size without leaving Lightroom? Then you need to look at the Enhance function that's recently been upgraded with version 10.3 of Lightroom and Lightroom Classic, writes An...