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Community day, Westonbirt Arboretum

October 14, 2023

Nine out 10 cat owners that expressed a preference previously preferred Whiskers, but did you know that 65% of you said you’d like to attend a community meetup? Therefore, by popular demand we are bringing you a community day on October 14th 2023 at Westonbirt, The National Arboretum, Tetbury GL8 8QS.

Westonbirt Arboretum offers one of the most diverse and beautiful botanical collections in the world with 15,000 plant specimens, and 2,500 species of tree spread over 500 acres – but don’t worry, we aren’t going to expect you to walk all 17 miles of its pathways. The main reason for choosing this location is the arboretum’s famed autumnal colours, a rich palette of autumnal gold, red and orange. The 250 Japanese maple cultivars are especially known for the intensity of their colours, from deep fuchsia pinks to startling yellow. Of course, we can’t guarantee those colours will all be evident when we visit, but life’s about taking chances, right? So, let’s give it a Foto-Buzz whirl.

There is no fee for attending because it’s part of your membership, but there is an entry fee which is £16 adults / £11 concessions payable directly.

We’ll meet at the entrance at 10am and start the day with a wander, cameras in hand, looking at composition and discussing the best ways to capture the landscape around us. There are plenty of benches and sunlit glades to stop in, and it will be a relaxed morning. We’ll stop for a lunch break so bring a picnic or pick something up at one of the three dining options on site, from a grab-and-go kiosk stocked with sandwiches and cakes to a smokehouse with a traditional pizza oven, depending on how big an appetite you’ve built up on our morning stroll. In the afternoon we’ll set you a little photography challenge to get the creative juices flowing and hopefully get you thinking outside the box! The arboretum closes at 5pm which is when our day ends. For anyone wishing to, we will be having dinner in a local pub and welcome you to join us, just let us know in advance so we can book it.

In order for the day to go ahead we do need at least five members sign up to attend so please hold off booking any non-refundable travel or accommodation until we confirm that we have sufficient numbers joining us.

Please tell us you are joining by commenting below…


October 14, 2023


Andrew James


Westonbirt Arboretum
The National Arboretum.
Tetbury, GL8 8QS United Kingdom
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  1. Defo from me and possibly overnighting. Haven’t been to Westonbirt for ages.

  2. Count me in, possibly himself as well. And for dinner

  3. Sorry Andrew, I would love to join this meet-up but we will be probably on Skye or Mull but I wish you every success with your new Travel ventures and the first meet-up, and I hope I can get to the next one 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  4. I would like to go.

  5. Ok officially 3 so far but I’ve seen others say they want to go so make sure you stick your name down here.

  6. I will be able to attend this event, so count me in. The only other thing in my calendar is the Rugby World Cup 1/4 finals but cannot see England getting out of the pool stage! Please count me in for dinner also

  7. Can you put me down and also SWMBO and a well behaved Lab.

  8. Me and Mr G, and for dinner too 🙂

  9. I am up for this and dinner. Thinking of tying this day with WWT Slimbridge Fri or Sunday

  10. Count me in. Will you be going for dinner straight afterwards or later in the evening?

  11. Great to see so many of you are able to make it. I’m not sure of timings for dinner yet but I don’t think we will have a long gap of waiting around so it will be fairly soon afterwards. We’ll update with more info about dinner plans in due course!

  12. I’ll be there, dinner too, please


    Just to let you know we’ve booked the Cat and Custard Pot Inn for dinner on the Saturday night. We’ve got a private room for us at 6pm (so we will head here straight from the Arboretum).

    They will send us out a set menu the week beforehand to pre-select our meals. For now it would be great to get a count on who is joining us for dinner. So far for dinner I have 10 of us: Tom, Richard, Jayne and Chris, Mark, Chris and Mike, Andrew and Amanda, me!

    Paul, Kim and Graham – are you joining for dinner too?

    • Sorry no, we are staying in Cirencester for the week and I think the plan is for Mrs A is going to drop me off and pick me up later and go off and do her thing. Then again things have been known to change.

  14. Should be ok for me as well, just waiting for confirmation from the bird feeder, will stay for food after as well please.

  15. We’re definitely both coming including dinner. Just booked overnight hotel for Friday night so we can explore Cirencester area etc

  16. Good news for me and maybe some others, my bird feeder say it’s free so will be there. Din dins as well please.

  17. Sorry for the late reply, I was exploring! I’d love to join you at Westonbirt and to stay for dinner so please add me to your booking. There’s no room at the inn so I’ll drive home afterwards.

  18. Would it be possible to add my wife for dinner please?

  19. I will be joining you too. Could you please reserve me a place for dinner if its not too late?

  20. Just me for dinner. Now to find somewhere to stay.

  21. Booked into the Kings Arms in Malmsbury

  22. We make that 17 for dinner – not sure about Kim for dinner? Graham and SWMBO – dinner? Please confirm

  23. Just had an email from Westonbirt
    “Pre-booking over autumn

    Saturday 30 September –
    Sunday 12 November

    Pre-booking is essential to guarantee your entry during autumn.

    As we are expecting high numbers of visitors over autumn, please note that if you do not pre-book, you may be turned away if there are no tickets available.

    Tickets on sale 7 days in advance.”

    So best make a note to pre book our tickets 7 days before the meet up.

  24. Just to let everyone know, a WA group has been created and menu choice distributed. If you are planning on coming to the day and/or meal and HAVEN’T received a WA invite and/or menu please do let us know as it means we’ve not got you on the list and aren’t expecting you!

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