Family Portraits

Just a very quick go to see how the updated blog system works. The ‘family’ portraits are of course our local foxes as I have a huge aversion to photographing people! After all, they can comment back. Foxes are always very polite!

This is Longtail, a young male fox. He’s holding his injured right foot off the ground. Leg injuries are really common among foxes, and estimates from the Bristol Mammal Project (University of Bristol) suggested that 70% of foxes that survive to 5 years old have suffered broken bones at one time or another.  

Next up is a picture of another injured fox, though the damage here is more permanent and somewhat similar to docking. His tail was likely stripped when he was very young as he’s about 18 months old and has displayed this truncated brush for over a year. 

The final portrait is of our friendly vixen. She’s been visiting since she was a cub (so about two and half years now), and is looking very much the elder of the regular group. 

And just a family grouping to finish…

Well, that was incredibly easy!  (Edit: just changed the final image to see how editing worked).

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  1. Great images as usual

    • Thanks Howard!

      • Well done Paul. I knew you’d be the first to test it live – before me in fact.

        • Nice images Paul and good test of the blog, I have noticed on this blog I cannot comment on the overall blog, I can only comment here which is to AJ no other comment block showing? Using iPad Pro

  2. Fantastic images as always, pin sharp. And yes, much better than people!

  3. Oh just seen this Paul. Some great shots here, particularly the first. You have friendlier foxes than mine at the moment. Keep them coming!

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