Giving Back to Nature

Around six months prior to lockdown one of our local golf courses ran in to financial difficulty/politics which meant it stopped functioning as a golf course and was abandoned.  Almost 2 years later the land-owner hasn’t done that much other than empty the bins and have the occasional tidy up.  Nature has been as much as possible allowed to take over.  The local residents are aware this situation is probably very temporary and the land will be sold at some point for development.  In the meantime we have an excellent place to get some fresh air and walk the dog.  Olly is a different dog when he’s here and just loves all the long grass.

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  1. Nature on the march, always good to see

  2. Maybe being a golf club was the better option

  3. Fantastic to see nature doing it’s thing – I hope the land isn’t developed, what a great place to have nearby.

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