Inspired by Narrative

The Tuesday night Buzz-Zoom got the cogs whirring, all that talk of narrative took me back to the years spent at the Bournemouth Arts Institute back in the Noughties …. Narrative, Semiotics, Visual Voice, it all came sliding out of the mental box marked ‘Photo Theory”, about two rows down from the ‘Nothing’ box.

 It got me thinking …. So this morning I fired up the Mac and picked an event that hadn’t really been edited since uploaded. The chosen event had been a serendipitous personal project, come across by happenstance, one element of a couple of weeks travelling through the Outer Hebrides, one of series of trips from a busy year.

However, its moment had arrived, Lightroom booted, files opened, a ‘cold’ view of what had been a really wonderful community event allowed for a dispassionate edit of the files. Five years away from them allowed a critical eye to roam and evaluate where, closer in, the still fresh emotions attached to the event would have diluted the process. 

 The resulting five images hopefully say all they need to about a traditional community event that welcomed outsiders with a warmth lost in larger communities.

lost in the emotion .


Giving his all

The objects of desire

Thanks for popping by, let me know how this worked for you (or how it didn’t)

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