Some thoughts on the Common Toad In a beautifully written essay about the common toad and springtime in general, George Orwell (in one of his more optimistic pieces) wrote; ‘……This […]

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DSLR Camera Trapping – Part 3 Making a Waterproof Camera Housing

In part 2, I showed you how I made my waterproof Flash housings, and to finish off in this final part I will go over how I built one for […]

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DSLR Camera Trapping Part 2 – Making a waterproof flash housing

Leaving out your precious camera equipment overnight or for longer periods is a necessary requirement for DSLR camera trapping. For some this is untenable and that’s fair enough. But there […]

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DSLR Camera-trapping Project Part 1: Making a Start

The first in an occasional blog series on setting up and using a reliable, hassle free wildlife camera-trap setup where you can be taking photos of animals that you wouldn’t […]

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