June 2, 2023

After posting the link to the BBC story about Richard Kelly, and a bit of discussion with AJ, I had a delve in the archives to find the photos I […]


February 9, 2023

Thought I would do a bit of a blog on how I got to my entry for Scary!  Thanks if you voted for it and thanks to AJJA for choosing […]

Bole Hill Quarry

September 25, 2022

As promised here’s a few images to show what a gem for photos the Quarry and surrounding area is.  The first few are from March 2019 (which was one of […]

Heavy Horse Show with a bit of history

September 11, 2022

On one of our trips out when we were in Yorkshire we came across a Heavy Horse Show, so having gone back to get the cameras we retuned to spend […]

Options for Eye Spy

July 24, 2022

Had a couple of subjects in mind for this one, here’s an option that didn’t make the sort list. This is a Silver Studded Blue female that hopped onto my […]

A chance outing on a Sunday afternoon

July 24, 2022

Having seen a Facebook post about the start of the American Football season in the UK and that Telford now had a new team, Shropshire Revolution, and their their first […]

Resting Peacefully

September 5, 2021

Near the campsite in Rhandirmwyn we were staying at over the bank holiday we discovered a small cemetry that was no longer being used, I had a little investigate and […]

One for the Wall

August 24, 2021

At home we have one print of Chris racing, and it’s not a photo I took. At the time I liked it – he’s heading down Paddock Hill at Brands […]

The Blue Coat

August 10, 2021

In a corner of the Drawing Room there is a portrait of Lady Berwick (1890-1972) wearing a stunning blue coat ( For the Be Our Guest event it was decided […]


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