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    1 week, 1 day ago

    Another day when it’s far too hot, but at least it means I can delay taking my covid antibody pinprick test (checks for antibodies to see if I’ve had it in the past). Got the test through via the ZOE app symptom trials, but they say don’t post it if the temperature is above 25C (presumably it cooks in the post box!)

    • You’ll probably have to delay it until Monday now as they don’t want you to post it at the weekend either. Be interesting to see if they give you a number or just a positive/negative result. Husband has done it twice and had results shown two different ways. The one I did just showed a positive (as I had expected given I’d had the disease)

      • That’s the plan (wait until next week). I hate the sight of blood, which is a minor problem as I may well faint if I look at the bottle I have to fill. Total male wimpishness! If I have had covid it would likely have been over a year ago… very strange short illness in February 2020 (deep cough, variable fever – up and down like a yoyo). Since then I’ve been fine (I think) and careful.

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