Photoshop: Create an autumnal abstract

In this Photoshop tutorial I’m going to blend several colourful and highly textured autumn leaf shots to create a multi-layered and highly coloured artwork that will look great printed, framed and hung on the wall, writes Andrew James. We’ll use some of the techniques Jon covered in his Get Arty Textures tutorial but you’ll need to start by shooting some macro shots of autumn leaves. We’ll use Photoshop Layers and Blending Modes to get our final result but the beauty of this is that you can be as ‘arty’ as you like because you can experiment and try lots of different images and blending mode combinations. It’s a great way to spend a few hours when it’s raining outside.

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  1. I noticed this shows up in Camera Skills, but I think it should be in Imaging; but either way a nice simple technique. Thanks!

  2. I liked this Andrew, even with the leaves on their own! It definitely works well where one associates with another, Cheers

  3. Love it

  4. So, I have leaves photos, imported to Lr and fannied around with them. Now I need to export to a folder on my hard drive ready for re importing into Ps. What sort of size jpeg do I set? Sorry if this is a bit basic.

  5. Well in case you decide you want to make a print of your efforts i would save the images as high resolution so spit them out of LR at 300 pixels per inch

  6. Cool! Really like that idea. Best get my wellies and jacket on and get some leaves

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