Save time with Actions in Photoshop

We all like sharing our pictures on social media platforms like Facebook, but optimising your pictures for upload can be slow and painful, writes Jon Adams. Follow this easy Photoshop tip, however, and you’ll cut out the dull, repetitive task involved in making your images ready for upload. In this video, Jon shows you how to create an Action that will perform all the image optimisation chores and save your file to a new folder in… wait for it… one click!

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  1. use these all the time, also have a script set up – can you have more than one script?

    • You can create as many Actions as you like, Jayne. Just make sure you name them appropriately so you know what each one does!

  2. thanks Jon – now watched the video! love the rename to Faceboo and the noise layer tip 🙂

  3. I haven’t gone as far as saving, but I use a couple regularly: one to add a frame, and a second to reduce to size and make a few minor tweaks for uploading. They save so much time!

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