Small changes, big differences.

Andrew takes you through a basic checklist of processing changes you can follow for any picture. You might not need them all, but it will ensure you critically assess and improve an image successfully.

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  1. This is last week’s video re-uploaded as it was lost in the recent site problems.

  2. I enjoyed that reminder. Really need it as a checklist pinned up beside the laptop

  3. Just edited a few photos and realise that you didn’t mention the masking tools or texture, clarity and dehaze

    • correct, both can be used as necessary but this was a deliberately quick checklist rather than a run through of everything you can do. 🙂

  4. Nice to have a quick check list as an aide memoir.
    I do like to use the ‘guided’ option in transform for getting verticals correct
    Spot removal, have found a systematic method of using the visualise spots, zoom, hold fn key and then the left arrow key which immediately takes you to the top left of the image and then repeating the down key takes you up and down and across the image in sections so you don’t miss anything.

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