Starting in Infrared.

I have been umming and ahhing over getting my 7D Mk2 converted to IR, but after doing some research I found it cheaper to buy one that had already been converted. So I bought a Canon 550D that had already been converted for £269, checking lenses for hotspots and suitability is also another thing you have to consider with many newer lenses not suitable because of coatings etc.

The best site I found was this one,Lens%20IR%20Hotspot%20Performance.%20…%20More%20items…%20

It shows which lenses are best suited to IR photography and has been a great resource for me. 

Shooting with an IR converted camera is just the same as using a conventional camera but with some added considerations:

Saxon Chapel, Newport

First things do not look the same…obvious I know but it really does take some consideration, manmade objects, the sky and water absorb IR light whereas foliage and skin tend to reflect IR light. This means that the Sky, water and architecture will appear from dark to black and foliage and skin will appear white. Although Bright sunny days are meant to be best a lot of sites also say that stormy days with broken cloud can give far better images.

Tree, near Newport, Essex

With some jiggery pokery with the Channel Mixer in PS, you can get some pretty bizarre effects as well giving an alien planet type impression.

The New River, Great Amwell.

The image above shows the dramatic difference  between the reflection and absorption of the various surfaces and so far is my favourite image taken with this camera. Although buying a IR camera in autumn was probably not the wisest decision I have ever made, it is a great bit of kit if you are looking to be that little different.

Another Tree, Newport, Essex

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  1. A great foundation set of images there Adrian… even in mid winter on a clear day there is enough IR in the mix to make it fun… albeit less greenery to work with you but still some great opportunities. thanks for sharing

  2. Very interesting, thank you Adrian – great stuff.

  3. Nice one Adrian. Something new and different is always good for your photography.

  4. Fascinating – and I love the one of the New River at Gt Amwell – I’d have that on my wall…

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