Your best photo of 2022

Your brief for: Your best of photo of 2022

For the final FM of the year, you can enter an image taken during 2022 but not entered into a previous FM, that you feel is your best shot. It can be any subject but is subject to the usual rules below - but in this case it must be a 2022 photo.

You have until December 31st, 2022 to get your entries in. Member voting takes place between January 1st and 8th.

How does Voting work?
You can vote for as many images as you want on a five star rating system but we suggest you choose your top five images and vote for them on a sliding scale. HQ will then use the results to help them decide the final Top 3 images in a live zoom session .

The rules of Foto Mission
1. Only one image entry per member is permitted.
2. Images can have been taken at any time but to meet the brief and help develop your photography we’d recommend that you shoot an image specifically for each Foto Mission.
3. Images can be colour, black & white, or toned however you want.
4. In order to be fair to all levels and types of photographer you are not allowed to manipulate your image so that it completely changes the honesty of the original scene. You are allowed to adjust the exposure, contrast (including curves), saturation, highlights, shadows and other basic raw adjustments. You can also transform to correct verticals/horizontals or tweak composition and also use selective adjustment layers. Cropping is allowed. You are also permitted to clone out minor distractions and blemishes. You may use multiple images of the same scene to create an HDR image. You may also use several different images to create a pattern or background texture but you cannot composite a ‘natural’ looking scene together from multiple images.
5. It’s best to resize your images to 1920px longest edge before upload as it keeps the server gremlins happy. Only upload JPEGs.
6. The image entered must be entirely created by you and you alone.
7. By entering the competition you agree to take part with integrity and in the friendly spirit of Foto-Buzz as a community.
8. In the unlikely event of a dispute the decision of Foto-Buzz HQ is final.
9. Entries must be anonymous so including an identifying copyright mark may invalidate your entry.
10. Being annoyed with the final HQ judging is compulsory.


Close encounters: April 8 – 30  

Good enough to eat: May 6 – 29

Eye spy: June 3 - 30

True colours: July 8 – 31

In the shadows: August 5 – 31

Going slow: September 9 – 30

Shape of things: Oct 7 – 31

Earth & Sky: Nov 4 – 30

Your best photo of 22 (not previously entered in an FM): Dec 9 – 31